Step by Step How To Reset Admin Password of INTERNAL Workspace on Oracle APEX

Main workspace on Oracle APEX is INTERNAL. It will require username and password to login. The username is ADMIN and the password is the words defined at installation process. In case we forget the password we can restore it by execute apxchpwd script located on specific apex folder. Here is the step by step tutorial how to reset admin password of INTERNAL workspace:

1. Identify the location of apex directory (e.g. c:\oraclexe\apex)
2. Open command prompt (cmd)
3. goto alex directory (cd c:\oraclexe\apex)
4. login to database as sysdba
5. execute "@apxchpwd.sql"
6. type new password (contains 8 characters, at least 1 number and 1 special character)
7. From your web browser, open APEX login page, login to INTERNAL workspace with ADMIN user and your new password
8. Follow the instruction to change password
9. You're Done!

detail explanation can be found here

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