Friday, July 27, 2018

Oracle APEX 18.1 Tutorial For Beginners

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Current version of Oracle APEX is 18.1, here we are going to discuss about Oracle APEX 18.1 tutorial for beginners. So let's get started.

Oracle Application Express is a free development tool provided by Oracle. Why it called express because it allows developers to create web-based applications quickly only by using a web browser and stored data directly into Oracle database.
New Features Available
Here are new features available on Oracle APEX 18.1:
  • Access control
  • Email Reporting
  • Feedback
  • Activity reporting
  • Dynamic user interface selection
  • Cards report interface
  • Timeline Report
  • A Dashboard
  • REST Enabled SQL to include data from another remote database without database link
  • Oracle Cloud Application REST services
  • Able to generate Swagger documentation against REST definition on a button click
  • Wizard streamlined with fewer steps
  • Advanced color palette and graphics on Page Designer
  • Native authentication scheme and social sign-in
  • New chart (Box-Plot, Gantt, Pyramid)
  • ListView, Reflow report, Column Toggle on Mobile applications
  • Universal theme enhancement for mobile
  • a Set of 32x32 high-resolution icons
That's all for the new features available on Oracle APEX 18.1.

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