Step By Step How To Integrate Oracle APEX 5 with Apache Tomcat 7 + APEX Listener 2.0.10

Here are the step by step how to integrate Oracle APEX 5 with Apache Tomcat 7 + APEX Listener 2.0.10 :

1. run command prompt (cmd) then connect to oracle database as sysdba

create tablespace apex
 datafile 'E:\oraclexe\oradata\apex.dbf' --> set as your wish
 size 512m
 autoextend on
 next 64m maxsize 10G
 extent management local;

2. download Oracle Application Express from then extract file to e:\oraclexe directory

3. go to apex directory (cd e:\oraclexe\apex) , connect as sysdba

4. @apexins.sql apex apex temp /i/

5. connect as sysdba

6. @apex_epg_config.sql e:\oraclexe
@apex_rest_config.sql --> set password for APEX_LISTENER and APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER

7. open http://localhost:8081/apex/

8. go to e:\oraclexe\apex\
login as sysdba:
alter user APEX_PUBLIC_USER account unlock;
alter user APEX_PUBLIC_USER identified by Database#1; -->your password min 8 chars
start apxconf.sql
enter admin_name, email and password
XDB HTTP listener [8080] : --> 0

9. download file (APEX Listener) , extract to folder e:\oraclexe\apex_listener
rename file ords.war to apex.war

10. Install APEX Listener: (cd e:\oraclexe\apex_listener)
java -jar apex.war
ex :
location for configuration data = e:\oraclexe\apex_listener
hostname: localhost
DB port: 1521
database SID [1] : (ketik 2)
SID[xe]: XE
password [APEX_PUBLIC_USER]: Database#1
3 to skip this step [1]: 3
standalone mode or 2 to exit [1]: 2

11. download apache tomcat 7
install apache tomcat7 to e:\app\tomcat7 folder

12. edit E:\app\tomcat7\conf\server.xml
add to line 126 (under <Host name="localhost"  appBase="webapps" unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true">):
<Context docBase="e:\oraclexe\apex/images" path="/i" />

13. copy file e:\oraclexe\apex_listener\apex.war to E:\app\tomcat7\webapps

14. restart apache tomcat

15. browse http://localhost:8080/apex/


  1. Hello. I have followed all the steps described here but if I type http://localhost:8080/apex/ it is being showed the message "503 - Service Unavailable". Where is the problem?

  2. Please make sure that your apache tomcat service is running. From your web browser type http://localhost:8080. If you are using windows os you can check the apache tomcat service status from services manager


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