Introduction to Database

This article will tells about an Introduction to Database.

What is the database? For those of you who have been accustomed to using the computer would be familiar with the words of database. You may also have heard or used databases from well-known companies such as SAPDB, Microsoft SQL-Server and Oracle DB. On daily activities you cannot be separated from the use of database, right? Let's analyze, when you call a friend from your phone, you do not need to remember your friend's phone number, but you just need to find his name in Phone Book of your phone which will be displayed your friend's phone number, right?. The Phone Book of your phone is one of the implementation of the database.

Another proof that you often interact with the database is when you make a deposit at a bank teller, the nominal money value you deposit will be stored and when you check at the ATM then seen a nominal addition on your account just the money you deposit in the teller, where is the nominal value of the money is kept by the bank teller? The answer is in the Bank's database.

Okay one more proof that you always interact with the database. You certainly have an email right? Well, the email that you received from your friends last year still you can see in your email right now as long as you have not delete it, where is the email data stored? The answer is in the database.
From some of the evidences we can conclude that every day we cannot escape from the usage of the database. Consciously or not we use the database, whether for work or personal needs that have nothing to do with work. Okay then, what is the database?

Seen from the meaning per word, base is the basis while the data is a collection of facts collected and recorded in various media, if we combine these two words then the database is a basis that collects facts collected from various sources recorded in various media. According to Wikipedia, the database is a collection of information stored in the computer systematically so it can be checked using a computer program to obtain information from the database. The author himself defines the database as follows:
a set of structured data consists of rows and columns stored on a storage medium where the data can be manipulated (add, change, delete) and can be seen using certain techniques to produce more meaningful information.

Okay just enough understanding about the database. Now we know that the database holds a set of structured data.

Now comes the question again, what is structured data? Let us start an answer about the structured data from its implementation in the database. Structured data is implemented into a table in the database, so it can be said that structured data is a table in the database. A database will consist of one or more tables, so a database will consist of a set of structured data.

Hmm.. now came again another question, what is the table itself? You have of course used Microsoft Excel right? Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet database type (what is spreadsheet?, spreadsheet discussion will be discussed in separate articles) where there are rows and columns. The table is part of a database consisting of rows and columns, rows in the table called records whereas columns are called fields. A detailed discussion of the table will be discussed in another article. Okay that’s all of our first introduction to the database, hopefully this article useful for all readers.

Thank You, Bobsis.

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