Step by Step Process to Create Simple Form on Oracle APEX

In this article we are going to discuss about step by step process to create simple form on Oracle APEX. This article will shows how Oracle APEX will create an input form based on table attributes without any of special skill of coding knowledge.

1. Go to Application Builder then create new Desktop Application

2. Choose Desktop application since we are going to create an application to be viewed on desktop computer or laptop. Although it will be able to be viewed on mobile also. Complete the process until found Finish button, click on Finish button.

3. When the create desktop application process is completed, the pages of new application will be shown. As a default there will be 2 pages which are home and login page. Our new application id and name will be shown on the top left of the page, in this illustration the application id is 105 and the name is myApplication.

4. Test that application by clicking on Run Application. Login with your APEX existing user. Now you can see your application homepage which is still empty.

5. Now we are going to create an input form. This form will be used to input data on already created table called superhero. Superhero table has 3 column.

On the homepage click on Application 105 link (bottom left of page)

6. Click on create page blue button. This will open some form dialogues.

7. Choose Form since we are going to create an input form

8. Choose Form on a Table. This option will create a form directly connected to table.

9. Fill the form name, choose create a new navigation menu entry, choose the table attributes, choose the Primary Key. Complete the process by hit the Create button on bottom right of page.

10. Page Designer page will be appear. It will give information about the input form page that we already create. Click on Run button (blue button with play sign on the top right of the page)

11. An input Form will be shown, try to input some values then click on Create Button

12. Success message will be appeared.

13. Check the table record, it should be found one new record based on data that we inputted on input form

That’s it for the creation of input form on Oracle Application Express. As we can see that we almost not need to know any of coding knowledge to create an input form.

Thank You - Bobsis

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