How To Create Workspace User in Oracle APEX

This article will describe about How To Create Workspace User in Oracle APEX. You will get one workspace when you are successfully register on Oracle APEX website ( On Oracle Application Express, all of your applications and data will be combined on 1 application workspace. This workspace will have a correlation with your database schema. One workspace will be mapped into one schema, but one schema might be used by several workspace.

Workspace can be analogically as a garage. On a garage there will be stored some tools, a vehicle or some furniture (chair, desk, etc.) or anything you want to place in it. Garage will be secured with a special door with a key. To enter the garage you must open the door with a correct key, without a correct key you will not be able to enter the garage. You may allow another person to enter the garage by giving the duplicate of the key.

Okay let we start to create a workspace user on Oracle APEX, here are the steps:
1.       Sign In into your existing workspace with your username and password

2.       Click on Manage Users and Groups option, it located on the right top of your Oracle APEX dashboard. Click on the head with dropdown menus (3rd from the right) and you will get the menu.

3.       Now you will be at “Manage Users and Groups” page. You will find existing users there. Click on Create User button (blue button) on the top right to start the process.

4.       Next on User Identification section you need to fill some information. Fill the desired username and your valid email address, these fields are mandatory. Next Click on Account Privileges tab.

5.       On Account Privileges section, you must choose some options. Choose the default Database Schema, decide whether the user is workspace administrator or not. The one thing for sure is you must choose the user as a developer to give the user access to be able to create some applications. Next click on the Password tab.

6.       On the Password tab, set your desired password. It must be unique password, consist of 8 character with combination of uppercase, lowercase, number and special character (e.g. *). Click on Create User blue button to complete the process.

7.       Now you will find new user you just created. To create another user, you can repeat the process by clicking the Create User Button.

8.       It’s time to check your new user. Sign out from existing user by clicking on Sign Out button under currently connected user (top right corner). Sign In with your new user on the Oracle Application Express Sign In form.

9.       If you are entering the correct username and password combinations you should be able to enter the Oracle Application Express dashboard as a developer.

That’s all for the process of HowTo Create Workspace User in Oracle APEX. Hope it’s clear enough for you to manage your workspace users.
Thank You - Bobsis

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