Blog Site Creation Using Oracle Application Express 19

We are going to discuss about Blog Site Creation Using Oracle Application Express 19.
Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a framework to create multi purposes application. One of current available type of application is a blog site. A blog site that already exist and used is blogspot.

There are 2 main parts of Oracle Application Express environments which are Application Builder and SQL Workshop. Application Builder is used to create the application, it consists of several component. SQL Workshop is used to design the data structure along with the data itself. When we create a web base application, we must design the data structure after that we will design the application by using the created data structure.

Many of other articles already discuss about Oracle Application Express in many ways, some of them discuss about beginner knowledge or even in advanced knowledge. Next some articles will describe the basic and advanced theories about Oracle Application Express concurrently with the implementation by creating a blog site application. The blog site will have capabilities to show an article that has an image or YouTube video within it and it will have administrator area to control the articles. 

Oracle Application Express features that will be used to create the blog site are Page, Region, Items, Buttons, Dynamic Action, Processes, Authentication, Authorization, Lists. HTML, CSS, javascript will also be discussed here. Of course the SQL and PL/SQL capabilities also will be discussed.

Here are the Chapters:

Chapter 1, Example of Live Oracle APEX on VPS

Chapter Content:
·         Just APEX Blog (JEBLOG) ->
·         JEBLOG features

Chapter 2, Oracle APEX 19 Features
·         Page Rendering
·         Page Processing
·         SQL Commands
·         Application Builder
·         Simple Application Development Example

Chapter 3, Design the Database
·         Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Theory
·         Generate Tables from ERD

Chapter 4, Develop Web Blog using Oracle APEX
·         Create ERD
·         Create Mockup diagram
·         Application Development

Chapter 5, Go Live Oracle APEX + VPS (Virtual Private Server)
·         Introduction to VPS
·         VPS Hosting Plan

·         Manage your VPS
·         Upload your Oracle APEX Web Blog

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