Oracle Application Express (APEX) 20 Advantages


This article will discuss about Oracle Application Express (APEX) 20 Advantages. Are you a business activist or an administrator? The use of a system is needed in the world of work or everyday life. The high need for such an approach has led to many application software that can support various activities and needs, one of which is Oracle Application Express or Oracle APEX. This application software is widely used because of the multiple advantages it has.

In fact, Oracle Application Express is a low-code development platform that allows applications to be built quickly without using complicated programming. A suite of data-driven application components can be set up instantly with Oracle APEX. The advantage obtained through this platform is that Oracle APEX facilitates users to create data, read data, update data, and delete data quickly. Of course, this supports workers in the business world to focus on problems that can be solved rather than messing around with technical programming.

Low-code development on Oracle APEX also makes it easy for users to quickly develop web applications with existing themes without extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. This theme that anyone can use has a responsive design, so it works well on small screen devices (phones, tablets) and larger screen devices (laptops, desktops). Other than that. User Interface components found in Oracle Application Express allow developers to build many needs such as forms, menus, tabs, reports, and so on. Another advantage of the themes available on Oracle APEX is that they are easy to customize to be tailored to the company brand, the look you want, and the feel to be applied.

Have you ever experienced a problematic server when accessing a web? This can happen when many users access the web at one time. However, this is very unlikely to occur for the web developed through Oracle APEX. Good capabilities in handling data and large numbers of users allow this platform to be used by large companies and multinational companies. This data management advantage also allows companies to have more than one server that can be actively accessed simultaneously.

Another added value that can be obtained from Oracle APEX is its flexible application. Unlike application software in general, APEX can be applied to various operating systems such as Linux, Mac, Windows, and Unix. Oracle Application Express can be downloaded for free through the site with the latest version of Oracle APEX Release, just released April 23, 2020. This version provides a configured, fully managed, and secure environment for developing and deploying applications over time-unlimited during use.

Oracle Application Express has become one of the solutions for data management that is more practical and affordable for various parties, both individuals and organizations large or small. The features contained on this platform can also be adjusted according to user needs with uncomplicated programming. This application software can also be applied to various operating systems with the latest version, which can be downloaded free of charge. Oracle Application Express and its benefits allow multiple parties to develop their respective companies or work fields with superior quality but still affordable.


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