Oracle APEX 20 Interesting Features


This article will describe about Oracle APEX 20 Interesting Features. Oracle APEX has been widely chosen as a tool used to develop applications. So, what makes this platform able to minimize the complexity associated with application development? Oracle Application Express provides several mainstay features so that developers do not have to go the extra mile to understand programming's intricacies to build better applications. Oracle APEX helps solve problems with six main features: data, User Interface (UI), security, accessibility, monitoring, and globalization.

1.        Data

Oracle APEX strives to give maximum effort in designing data features so that developers can display data, manipulate data, map data, and process data as quickly and efficiently as possible. This platform also allows developers to retrieve data from various sources, from local databases to data sourced from web services. In this feature, there are several aspects that further support data processing into more optimal information. These include SQL-supported searches, interactive report components that make communication more comfortable for users to understand, attractive but straightforward data editing processes, neat graphics and visuals supported by Oracle JET, the ability to integrate data from various sources, and responsive form modeling.

2.        User Interface (UI) 

User Interface (UI) or user interface is an interaction that can be carried out between humans and machines; in other words, design on the web is easy to understand and operate by users. There are universal themes in Oracle APEX that can allow developers to build modern web applications without requiring extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Such universal themes will make dynamic applications highly accessible, easy to customize, and easy to maintain.

3.        Security

Oracle APEX is designed to build the web with high security. The apps developed by the developers will remain protected from various hacking threats. There are several things related to the Oracle APEX security system: authentication and authorization, session management, and regular security. Authentication means that there is a process of identifying who accesses the application, while authorization determines whether the user has permission to use the application or part of the application. Session management, i.e., automatic termination of the session when the user leaves the app for too long and the session is determined by the browser cookie value and the ID in the URL, which is a long random value that the hacker cannot predict to take over the user's session. Oracle APEX also ensures constant security by preventing users from manipulating URLs' parameters to commit fraud, performs Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) prevention, and allows developers running Oracle APEX Advisor to check their application settings that make applications less secure or inconsistent, which can be exploited by hackers.

4.        Accessibility, monitoring, and globalization

Apart from the features previously described, Oracle APEX also pays great attention to easy access for users. Oracle is continuously updating the application to make it easier and fix the flaws in Oracle APEX. Monitoring is also part of the APEX feature to identify hacking attempts by providing insights into how users are using applications that the developer has created. A feature that is no less powerful is globalization, which offers various languages from the local environment. Oracle APEX is easier to use and provides satisfaction to application developers and application users.


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