Oracle Application Express Implementation Areas

This article will discuss Oracle Application Express Implementation Areas in daily activities. Oracle Application Express or APEX Application has been known as a multipurpose web-based application development tool for various fields of work. The data management capabilities of this application software allow companies to control and present data optimally. Simple customization makes APEX Applications the platform of choice for developing modern web-based applications. Fields of work that require APEX or Oracle Application Express applications include educational institutions, hospitals, financial institutions, government institutions, etc.

1.        Educational Institutions

Educational institutions such as schools, campuses, and course institutions require integrated data management so that each individual can obtain information quickly and accurately. In general, the needs of educational institutions include access to a series of learning modules, student data, teaching staff data, educational staff data, and various information on other institutional activities. Web-based applications at educational institutions are usually made exclusively; not all parties can enter the system so that each individual has their username and password. However, the announcement menu can be made openly so that all parties can access it.

2.        Hospital

Hospitals generally have many departments with complex information. The appearance of the web and its functions are adjusted to patients' points of view from various circles. Application Customization APEX allows developers to build dynamic web-based applications, accessible via small screens (phones, tablets) and large screens (laptops, desktops) to customize the patient's ability to access information from the hospital. In addition, a complete web component makes it easy for developers to create various menus according to their needs.

3.        Financial institutions

Today, internet-banking service users are increasingly in demand, and financial service providers compete to provide simple but attractive applications. APEX's role in this field of work is very helpful for financial services to provide convenience in the global era with increasingly practical lifestyle changes. Financial services web-based applications can be open and closed. Open to service information and closed to any private transaction. Menus generally exist in financial service applications, including information on account openings, credit cards, transactions, transfers, investments, and many other menus.

4.        Government Institutions

  Government has elements that are more complex than most existing institutions. The wide area coverage and a wide variety of services will remain attractive to the public if presented in a light, current and easy to update manner. APEX as a low-code development platform allows the government to modify the web following changing public interests and needs quickly. The APEX application is also the right choice when there is an urgent need and requires reliable distribution of information, and can be accessed by visitors on a large scale at the same time.

APEX or Oracle Application Express applications are loved not only by formal institutions, but many non-formal activities also use APEX as supporting applications such as charities, hobbies, communities, and various other things. The easy application of the APEX application is also the background for many companies providing goods and services to use this application. Companies can create sales data for potential customers to read without the need for personnel with great programming skills and update and delete data succinctly.


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